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    • Customer/receiver should pay your own country’s custom duty and tax for overseas delivery.


      How to use Waxed Cotton products

      Waxed cotton is coated by oil and it is glossy, waterproof, wind proof and longer lasting. It was developed to keep sailors, fishermen and dockworkers dry and warm under severe weather. Therefore, it is supposed to be used in the outdoor.

      Due to wax coating, the wax may remove and get other things dirty. Please be aware of these points below;

      *Please refrain from crowded places and sitting in cars/trains when wearing waxed cotton clothes. When taking it off, please roll/fold it inside out to keep away waxed surface from others.

      *The wax will leave stains on your other clothes when wearing long time.

      *Please cover it by breathable cloth and keep in a well-ventilated area. Please avoid contact between waxed cotton and others in over-crowded closet.

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